Welcome to the Team!

You are now part of the EC Factory — a proud group of
Ambit Energy Independent Consultants.

We Only Do Three Things

Gather. Show. Plug In. (Repeat as often as necessary.)

Gather Loyal Electric and/or Gas Customers

1. Gather Loyal Customers

It’s simple. We get paid by Ambit for gathering a handful of loyal customers and helping others do the same. You can create weekly bonuses and position yourself to earn a monthly residual income on seven levels of customers.

Plug Into the EC Factory System

2. Plug Into the System

Every successful business requires a training system that can be duplicated. The EC Factory provides additional resources and support materials such as weekly webinars, conference calls, training events and leadership training.

Show the Ambit Energy Business Plan

3. Show the Plan

The job of every new Ambit marketing consultant is to ask people to take a look at the business opportunity. No matter what method is used to show the plan, the key is for you and your team to continuously show the plan.

Ambit Success Stories

Why are these successful people doing Ambit?

Photo of Ari and Barbara Ben-Yishay

Ari and Barbara Ben-Yishay

Listen to their story

Ari is an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and Barbara is a Registered Nurse who runs their private practice. Together they also own multiple restaurants and real estate. This is their Ambit story.

Photo of Rob Marchiony

Rob Marchiony

Listen to his story

Rob is a Senior Appellate Court Attorney in the NYS Court System and former real estate investor. This is his Ambit story.

Photo of Tiffanie Wood

Tiffanie Wood

Listen to her story

Tiffanie is a former owner of a pre-school business. She is now a full-time stay-at-home mom. This is her Ambit story.

Ambit & EC Factory Events

Your Ambit business is truly an event-driven business.

Simulcast in regional locations

(January 24, 2015)

Simulcast 2015 offers two options for you to participate. First, Ambit will broadcast live from two locations: Dallas, Texas and Newark, New Jersey. Second, you can stream the event right to wherever you are. There will be new promotions, market updates and more of the insight and training you can use to power your results.

Ambition in Dallas, Texas

Ambition 2018
(September 2–5)

Whether you’re just starting out or have owned your Ambit business for years, AMBITION 2015 can help take you to the next level of success—and beyond. It’s the ultimate learning-networking-training-having fun opportunity, and it only happens once year. So make your plans now to join us in Dallas from September 2–5.

EC Factory trainings and events

EC Factory Team Events
& Leadership Training

Throughout the year the EC Factory will host or join with other teams for several events. These may be large EC Factory trainings, smaller leadership weekends, local regional trainings and other events. Each event provides a great opportunity to learn from and network with Ambit leaders and our Ambit corporate friends.

The Comma Club

Where the 15th of every month is always a good day!

This business works and one of the best ways to measure success is your residual income. We would like to congratulate our Comma Club members. Every member of the EC Factory Comma Club has received at least one monthly residual check with a comma in it.

  • Kim Allen New York
  • Vince and Rose Alonci New York
  • Ari and Barbara Ben-Yishay New Jersey
  • Tim and Maggie Bolen New York
  • Lori Bricks New York
  • Deborah Burke New York
  • Ron and Kim Clark Delaware
  • Jeff Crosley New York
  • Steve Daire New Jersey
  • Alfredo Duenas New York
  • Jay Emma New York
  • Duane and Kathleen Fetherbay Pennsylvania
  • David and Elizabeth Finch New York
  • Pat Flander New York
  • Dana Fusco Connecticut
  • Roger Gangi New Jersey
  • Rob Giamboi New York
  • Rob Giordano Connecticut
  • Jonathan Gould Jr. New York
  • Ryan and Sarah Gould Connecticut
  • Anneta Griffee Kansas
  • Bob Granger New York
  • John Haas New York
  • Runee Harris Connecticut
  • Tommy Hasselberg New York
  • Norbert Hennessy New York
  • Kirk and Trish Horan New York
  • Tim and Yolanda Hunte New York
  • Bonita Jackson-Smith New York
  • Ladson Johnson New York
  • Kevin Kerrigan New York
  • David Klvana Connecticut
  • Tim Klvana Connecticut
  • Rex Layton New York
  • Kurt Lehn New York
  • Dave and Cathy Lipinczyk New York
  • Wayne Lynch New York
  • Ruth Lyons Connecticut
  • Rob Marchiony New York
  • Shane and Jenn Martin New York
  • Stanley McCumber New York
  • Andy McAvoy New York
  • Charlie Melchner New York
  • Laura Mohr New York
  • Ray Montie Pennsylvania
  • Frank Nagel New York
  • Ralph Napoli New Jersey
  • Pablo and Telana Nieves New York
  • Mike Obay New York
  • Dave Osterhout New York
  • Beth Parks New York
  • Mike Patrella New York
  • Nick Patterson New York
  • Todd Pegelow New York
  • Anne Perez New York
  • Mark and Lori Peterson New York
  • Terri Petracca New York
  • Jim and Kathy Prestopnik New York
  • Tony and Diana Procopio Connecticut
  • Adam Radzisz New York
  • Vinny Raia New York
  • Vince and Regina Rinchiuso Pennsylvania
  • Bill Rossetti New York
  • Jeff Rollins New York
  • Matt and Jen Rubin New York
  • Caleb and Nicole Scott New York
  • Duane and Andrea Scott New York
  • Kevin Seyer Pennsylvania
  • Elaine Skottke New York
  • Bill and Kay Snyder New York
  • Mike Stetin New York
  • Mario Taffera Pennsylvania
  • Tas New York
  • Danielle Terranova Pennsylvania
  • Rob and Michele Utter New York
  • Jerry Ventra New York
  • Tom Ventra New York
  • Eric Walag New York
  • Eric Wilens New York
  • Dave Wilkerson New York
  • Tiffanie Wood New York
  • Mari Yuro New York

“Your income is in direct proportion to how many times you and your team show the plan.”

NC Ray Montie

Executive and National Consultants

Positioning yourself for success by helping others reach their goals.

We would like to congratulate our Executive Consultants. The goal of the EC Factory is to help produce successful Ambit Energy Executive Consultants. Click on any EC’s picture and you can learn more about them on their page at the Ambit Success Site.

Photo of Ari Ben-Yishay Photo of Barbara Ben-Yishay Photo of Deborah Burke Photo of Edmund Chiang Photo of Kim Clark Photo of Ron Clark Photo of Stephen Daire Photo of Alfredo Duenas Photo of Jay Emma Photo of Phillip Felton Photo of Duane Fetherbay Photo of Kathleen Fetherbay Photo of David Finch Photo of Elizabeth Finch Photo of Pat Flander Photo of Rob Giamboi Photo of Ryan Gould Photo of Sarah Gould Photo of Bob Granger Photo of John Haas Photo of Runee Harris Photo of Norbert Hennessy Photo of Kirk Horan Photo of Tim Hunte Photo of Yolanda Hunte Photo of Kevin Kerrigan Photo of Mike Korona Photo of Cathy Lipinczyk Photo of Dave Lipinczyk Photo of Wayne Lynch Photo of Rob Marchiony Photo of Charlie Melchner Photo of Laura Mohr Photo of Ray Montie Photo of Dave Moore Photo of Mary Moore Photo of Frank Nagel Photo of John Nicolaou Photo of Pablo Nieves Photo of Telana Nieves Photo of Mike Obay Photo of Diana Procopio Photo of Tony Procopio Photo of Shaun Roberts Photo of Jeff Rollins Photo of Aidan Ruane Photo of Duane Scott Photo of Tas Photo of Ed Thompson Photo of Tammy Thompson Photo of Eric Wilens Photo of Dave Wilkerson Photo of Tiffanie Wood Photo of Mari Yuro

Read their Ambit stories

Many of our ECs have been featured in Success from Home magazine. Read their stories and find out how they made the journey to Executive Consultant.

Business Cards

  • Order your custom business cards (including our lightbulb die-cut business cards), by clicking here.

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